“Wow! It’s amazing!” Incredible creatures that live on our planet

The world is full of miracles, dear followers.

I am assured of this every time I stumble across the Internet on interesting shots captured in different locations of our planet. Every day we come across astonishing shots which raise the following question: “Is this real?” Today I have prepared some interesting shots that prove that nature is still dreamlike. Everything it creates is amazing, whether it’s beautiful or not. Share this post with your fellows and don’t forget to like it. The author will be delighted. We are waiting for you in the comments, dear followers. It seems we have something to talk about.


bat with red lips

Lynx spider

This python has amazing dyeing.

These mushrooms glow in the dark

Moloch or thorny dragon

Golden lion monkey

King vulture


Roxellan rhinopitecus

Sumatran rhinoceros

Weird squirrel

Albino whale

The African jackal has five pairs of legs.

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