“What’s the secret?”: A flat in London for sale for 300 thousand dollars constitutes only 10 square meters

An apartment in London, which is only 10 square meters, is worth $300 000

This miniature apartment in London is located 4-minute-walk away from the underground, in one of the best regions of the city. Whereas as soon as people ask how much money they should pay for it, they immediately get shocked – 300 000 dollars for 10 square meters, but why?

The owners were trying to convince that it was actually a studio, but look how it looks from the inside!

The bedroom, living-room and kitchen are all in almost one square meter territory. While lying in bed you can effortlessly touch the kitchen table, which is something unusual.

Moreover, there is no wardrobe or dressing room, so you will have to hang all your clothes from hooks or else store them under the bed.

What do you think? Why 300 000 dollars?

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