64-year-old Madonna’s natural look was revealed in the recent photos taken by the paparazzi

Paparazzi caught Madonna and showed how the celebrity actually looks

When looking at the instagram pictures of iconic 64-year-old Madonna, we all will definitely be impressed by the perfect appearance of the celebrity: ideal skin, beautiful lips and no single wrinkle. But it is certainly known that the world famous woman overuses Photoshop and photo filters to look better and maintain her youth at least on social media. Paparazzi rarely manages to catch the diva, whereas this time it was a long-waited exception.

While Madonna accompanied with her friend was heading to a restaurant, the photographers could take several pictures of her in which her flaws and imperfections were easy to notice. This greatly surprised the woman’s fans who hardly recognized the star.

Though Madonna was in big black sunglasses, it was anyways apparent that her real look highly distinguished from her Instagram image.

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