The fantastic transformation of Jolie into a blonde for a new role surprised her fans

Jolie’s transformation into a blonde in vintage dresses delighted everyone

World famous 45-year-old actress A. Jolie still hasn’t ceased to delight the army of her fans with her drizzling career and activity. The talented woman was starring in a new movie about superheroes called “The Eternals”. What is more, her another work would soon appear called “Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland”, in which she brilliantly played the main role. Some fragments from the movie had already appeared on the web before the release.

More interestingly, the praiseworthy actress transformed into a charming blonde in vintage dresses making her audience admire her even more. Whereas it was actually a wig and Jolie didn’t have to dye her gorgeous hair.

The fantasy-drama was immediately adored by millions of people all over the world. Jolie starred the role of the mother of Peter and Alice who, according to the plot, were siblings. The story took place before Alice appeared in Wonderland.

The breathtaking adventure began after the family tragedy and now every member of the family tried to somehow escape the reality. The parents got addicted to illegal drugs, and their children were stuck in fantasy. The premiere of the great film was on the 26the of November, 2020.

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