This is John Lennon’s eldest son Julian: What he looks like and how he lives now

“Was born thanks to one bottle of whiskey”: Here is John Lennon’s child Julian

When talking about the private life of John Lennon, his union with Yoko Ono immediately comes to our mind. Whereas little do people know that it was actually his second marriage. His first marriage was with a girl from his school named Cynthia and their love story was like a plot of a romantic film or a book: She was an adopted girl and he was a real hooligan. They both were young and Lennon had to marry the girl as she got pregnant.

When Lennon started his career, the group “Beatles” was just about to gain popularity. Many were more than sure that marriage and a baby would take the artist’s popularity but Lennon determined to marry Cynthia. The wedding was quite modest and secret. The girl was Lennon’s wife only at home, she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it. Cynthia was absolutely happy as she married the man she was madly in love with. Soon the spouses had a son and named him Julian.

The singer wasn’t there while his son was born and the baby’s christening took place without his father. Lennon rarely came home. Cynthia understood everything and accepted him anyway. She was well aware of his love affairs. Lennon himself was extremely jealous. He always controlled who his wife is with. He paid little attention to his son and it seemed like he sometimes forgot about his existence. He once announced that Julian was born thanks to whiskey.

Soon the man wanted to divorce. At that time, he was already in a relationship with Yoko Ono whom he wanted to marry. Soon the artist had his second son named Sean. This time, Lennon refused to leave the baby even for a second. Whereas he didn’t remember and care about his first son Julian. He used to communicate with him sometimes, but once his second son was born, they stopped seeing each other.

Despite all this, Julian accepts his father. He is now 57-year-old and due to Lennon, he stated to adore music and decided to try his hand in it. Though he also became a musician, he didn’t follow in his father’s steps. Julian grew up a gentle and kind-hearted man.

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