At the age of 29, a woman has given birth to 14 daughters and she is not going to stop until she has a son

After having 14 girls, a heroine-mother isn’t going to stop until she gives birth a boy

At the age of 29, this heroine-mother, believe it or not, has already given birth to 14 babies.

It is, of course, rather difficult to imagine that at such a young age, this woman gave birth to 14 kids. And most interestingly, all are girls.

It is worth noting that her partner and her have known each other since their youth and when she got pregnant at the first time she had to give birth to the baby as their religion demanded it.

According to the woman, the first four babies were unplanned, and then she herself wanted to have babies. Her husband wants a son, and the woman isn’t going to stop until she gives birth to a boy.

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