“The copy of her legendary grandfather”: Alyson Le Borges – the granddaughter of Alain Delon

This is how Delon’s only granddaughter named Alyson Le Borges now looks

A. Delon is considered to be one of the most handsome, nice-looking and attractive men on our planet. The actor has had a successful career in film industry gaining world fame and popularity. He had been in many romantic relationships and was married several times. As a result, Delon has had four children – Alain-Fabian, Antony, Christian as well as a daughter named Anouchka.

But today we will discuss his only grandchild who is, according to many people, the exact copy of her legendary grandfather. Alyson Le Borges was born to the family of Antony Delon and a dancer Mary-Alain Le Borges. The girl’s family was more than sure that Alyson would become a successful actress, but she chose to specialize in modeling industry. It is worth mentioning that she has already achieved great success. Alyson also managed to star in a couple of movies. The girl leads a very modest way of life and doesn’t boast about being the granddaughter of A. Delon. A lot of network users notice the clear similarity between Alyson and her legendary grandfather: the same bottomless eyes and perfect facial features.

Does she really look like her grandfather? Share your opinion!

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