“Simply unrecognizable”: This chef-millionaire posted his old photos showing how he looked before he became rich

This chef-millionaire shared his old photos showing how he looked before popularity

Recently, this popular and talented chef named Nurset Gokce, who has become a millionaire, decided to post his old photos revealing how he actually looked before he started to gain fame and became a successful businessman. It was almost impossible to recognize the chef.

Among the world’s chefs, Nurset is distinguished from the others by the specific presentation and service of meat dishes.

The talented man opened a number of steak houses and restaurants in many parts of the world that attract a lot of people and are quite popular and beneficial.

It is worth mentioning that before his popularity Nurset often faced problems and obstacles on his way to success. He even was obliged to give up studying as his parents didn’t have enough money. The guy had to work since very young ages in order to earn money for living.

At the age of 14, he already worked at a restaurant as chef’s assistant.

When Nurset turned 27, he managed to open his own restaurant- mini steak house.

“I always did my best to improve my skills in meat production. Even when I was rejected to train in the US, I refused to give up and willingly kept moving forward. And this helped me a lot to overcome all the difficulties and become one of the best chefs”.

Currently, the man owns a number of steak houses and restaurants and the minimal price for dinner is 1700-2000 dollars.

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