Here is the icon of beauty of the 20th century – Audrey Hepburn (real name -Kathleen Ruston)

20th century’s one of the most beautiful and influential actresses – Audrey Hepburn

This talented, kind-hearted and stunning actress A. Hepburn is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the film industry. Besides her gorgeous appearance, the actress was also famous for her bigheartedness as she was an active global humanitarian figure who never ceased to help homeless and needy people of many countries.

Audrey was also believed to have a desirable and exemplary body: she was 170cm and weighed only 45 kilos.

But little did her fans know that such a weight was actually the result of a hungry childhood with a metabolic disorder.

Audrey had a cherished dream since her early childhood years. She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer and even started to get courses. But the tutors didn’t really want to involve such a tall girl in their group.

And young Audrey first became a fashion model, then due to her flexibility and artistic characteristics, appeared in film industry.

What do you think? Was she really beautiful?


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