“Fat Leo and absolutely beautiful Camilla”: New photos of the couple caused a storm of discussions

The recent photos of DiCaprio and his girlfriend shocked the internet

Leonardo is famous for not only being one of the most successful and beloved Hollywood actors, but also being a man who frequently jumps from one relationship to another.

But it has already been three years that Leo keeps dating with Al Pacino’s goddaughter, a model named Camilla Morreno. The loving couple first met at one of the private parties organized by Pacino and, since then, they started to date.

Leo was always trying to hide his relationships but paparazzi succeeded in catching the popular actor with his girlfriend during their vacation.

The couple is currently enjoying their precious time together on vacation.

The following photos caused a storm of discussions and many remarked that Leo doesn’t look well-groomed and attractive anymore, whereas Camila is absolutely perfect and gorgeous. But it seems as if Camila doesn’t mind that her beloved gained weight.

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