Life in barrels: Why and how many people live in iron containers and what their houses actually look like

Why many people live in barrels and how the inside of their houses look

Once you arrive in the Northern regions of Russia, it seems as if you appeared in a completely different reality. Simple look at the infrastructure, cars, country roads and you start to notice that something is really unusual and rather strange.

Some people, believe it or not, dwell in barrels and enormous containers across the Northern regions.

This all started when the workers were obliged to build temporary houses using any materials and opportunities they were given at that time. But somehow, some of them turned to remain their permanent homes.

The houses’ exterior leaves a lot to be desired, but let’s look at how the interior looks and how these people actually live in such lodgings.

Surprisingly, the inside of the houses looks pretty good and comfortable.

They actually look quite cozy and modern. All the rooms are walk-through.

The kitchens are located between the hallway and the first room. The stove and work surface are almost always on the same side of the barrel.

The dining table is placed on the opposite side.

But the main aim of such houses is actually heating. It is rather hard to carry it out so the whole barrel is well heated.

Severe winters and extreme weather are not problems inside the barrels.

Would you like to live in such barrels?


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