A couple spends more than $55,000 on their 20 dogs’ quality of life.

A couple spends a lot of money on the animal’ quality of life…

When people are willing to give a dog a chance at a good life, they generally want it to be a pup in good shape, which is why crippled or older pups are sometimes the last choice.

These people fail to comprehend that, whereas a dog with special needs are more hard to care for, its as adorable and endearing like any other dog.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York, have stepped in and save the number of pups, and the couple has rescued 20 dogs them, who are all older and in bad shape.

The pair operates a non-profit named The Mr. Mo Project, according to Bored Panda, which was created when their senior dog called “Mo” perished and they were obliged to cover large vet fees.

Chris and Mariesa were well informed that care for an elderly dog was not cheap, which is why so many were relinquished to kennels or left to their fate.

Given the situation, the couple was resolved to do all possible to guarantee that these dogs got the attention they needed.

The above is from the Mr. Mo Project’s webpage:

Older dogs deserve the best for the rest of their life. “We feel that senior animals, too, are deserving of adoption!”

Presently, the institution has ended up saving thousands of dogs from euthanasia and aided them in getting treatment and discovering forever housing, but 20 of these dogs have been correctly embraced by the pair, who have spent roughly US $ 55,000 modifying their home to provide the highest quality of life for them.

Among the items are an unique king size bed for $ 5,000 so they may sleep with their dogs and a heated swimming pool for $ 30,000 so the dogs can workout.

The home, on the other side, has stairs, plastic wrap, and rugs, among many other things, to make the environment as comfortable. In fact, the pair spends 45 minutes every day nourishing and medicating the animals.

As Chris put it,

“It’s absurd to live with 20 dogs, but we make things fit as we have a good schedule.”

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