This awesome tiny bird has wings looking like a miraculous character from a fairy tale

This cute Japanese bird resembling white cotton is admired by everyone

Birds are one of the most admirable and stunning creatures found on Earth, yet the cutest birds are probably the smallest ones.

These little miracles can be found exceptionally in Japan’s one of the largest islands.

They really resemble white cotton balls having these small cute wings and are, undoubtedly, one of the most exclusive and pretty-looking creatures.

These gorgeous birds can be witnessed only in Japan.

So what actually makes them so attractive and extraordinary?

They are relatively small in size compared with other ordinary birds, only 13 to 16 cm in their length, half of which is actually the tail. Long-tailed ones generally possess dark eyebrows as you can clearly see in the following footage.

Their unique appearance provided them with many advantages in fact, for instance, the capability of hiding from the predators during winters.

They usually fly in large groups consisting of 20-25 members performing eye-catching and fascinating tricks making others admire them.

These awesome creatures lay about 8-10 eggs at a time and successfully help their population remain stable due to constant increase in number.

Female ones are usually weak and vulnerable in severe winters, but, due to the fact they lay many eggs at a time, they successfully manage to maintain their generation. Though the long-tailed ones can also be seen in Western Europe, Russia and other parts.

They are definitely worth being the center of everyone’s admiration and are truly gorgeous.


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