The dog wanted to be with the abandoned kittens and became their “adoptive father”

The little puppies, that were abandoned in the street

After reading this touching story no one could say, that animals are senseless.

Victoria went for a walk with her dog Turbo, when they heard a scratch.

Turbo found the source of the scratch. A little kitten was resting on the street. The girl took the baby, but the dog became worried as if understanding that this wasn’t the end.

Two more kittens were sleeping under the rain and were shaking from the cold.

Their mother left them and they were abandoned for some time.

The girl took the kittens to the vet and was comforted, that the little animals were healthy. The girl took the kittens home and they were given a nice bed and adorable supper.

Turbo investigated the kittens before warming them. The dog stayed with the puppies before they fall asleep.

The kittens have become more powerful and Victoria is searching for a new home for the kittens, as she can’t keep them all.

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