After being abandoned by his mommy, the baby tiger befriended with a cute pup. How adorable couple!  

The friendship between a baby tiger and a little puppy is amazing.

When a baby tiger was abandoned by his mommy, he thought that his life was useless, but after meeting the little puppy, he understood why the dogs are considered one of the most faithful animals in the world. After it his life was completely changed.

The baby’s name is Hunter whom his mommy left alone just after his birth. The female tiger was in captivity for a long time, then she was rescued and sent to the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. Unluckily, she lost her mother intuition and let her baby alone. One of the workers said that the mommy would probably regret about her action.

Everyone thought that the cutie couldn’t live without his mommy, because he needed a lot of care and support, but surprisingly he could struggle thanks to the cute doggy named Chelsea, with whom he befriended and later they became inseparable.

Although they belong to different species, they were closely related to each other giving happiness to the workers.

Each morning they meet each other outside for greeting and enjoying their time together.  They like to play together and always support each other. Because the tiger was the only cub, he needed a real friend, with whom he could have fun and relax.

These cuties show everyone that there can be a real friendship between the different species, but unfortunately, they cannot be friends forever, because when the tiger becomes older he will be dangerous for the doggy. But the workers cannot be sure about this fact, because animal world always amazes us.

Here is a fascinating video of their friendship.

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