9 of the Most Stunning Hotel Bathrooms Around the World

The 9 amazing bathrooms, that will amaze you

The look of hotel bathrooms can be quite envious. Here are nine hotels where the bathroom inspires with an almost expensive view, the highest quality of hygiene crops or marvellous spaciousness.

The Mark Hotel, New York

No wonder this 1927 Manhattan hotel has the most expensive room in the world. This is a duplex penthouse that has not one, but six bathrooms! Additionally, there is a steam room. The master bathroom is complemented by underfloor heating, a flat-screen TV, and heated towel rails. There is a deep soaking tub and a individual glass shower. Everything is illustrated with nickel taps. Toiletries are made to order by Erme. It is almost possible that you simply don’t want to leave this bathroom!

Le Meurice Hotel, Paris

All bathrooms in this hotel are illustrated in Louis XVI style. They are illustrated with red Pyrenean marble – the same one was used in Versailles. In one of the most expensive rooms, the bathroom is furnished with a jacuzzi, all toiletries are of the best quality, additionally, the room suggests a glorious view of Paris. You will want to stay here much longer than necessary. Another room dedicated to Marco Polo has a triangular ceiling and an antique-style bathroom with Portuguese pink marble and wood floors. These are interiors of the highest class, amazing beauty – such a vacation in Paris is commemorated for a lifetime!

Rancho Calistoga, California

This resort is located in a deserted canyon in the Napa Valley and is encircled by forest. In every room, the bathroom is situated on a wooden platform with an open shower – you can relax right among the trees. A vine winds around, fresh bouquets are arranged – the procedure will be assisted by natural aromatherapy. There are also bathrooms inside, with glass showers and excellent mahogany trim. Even in such a room you will consider yourself as a part of nature. This is an amazing vacation.

Lion Sands River Lodge Hotel, South Africa

What is striking is not the contents of these bathrooms, but what you can see through the windows. This hotel is located in a nature reserve, which is one of the best places to go on a safari. Taking a shower among wood and glass, you can admire lions, leopards, elephants and giraffes right from your room. Just take your binoculars! There is no such bathroom in any hotel in the world, so if you love animals, you should definitely pay attention to it.

Vivanta Hotel, Maldives

This resort is located on a private island surrounded by the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Want to brush your teeth and jump into the waves right away? Here you can do it, because the bathroom door leads directly to the deck, where you can sunbathe and from which you can go down into the water. This is the perfect epitome of a relaxed Maldives holiday, luxurious and private.

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort, Brazil

The resort is located on a private island in Brazil. It is surrounded by tropical forest and located on the beach. The bathrooms here are more like small spas: the walls are decorated with wood, snow-white bathrobes are waiting for you, and there are sun loungers near the floor-to-ceiling windows. The bathtub is large enough to accommodate two people, and there is also a dry sauna and tatami for massages. All this will allow you to relax as much as possible and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the resort.

Le Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel, Paris

This historic building is very close to attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees, but it attracts not only this, but also the bathrooms! The rooms have designer furniture, exquisite works of art, and the bathroom is decorated with silver, many mirrors and lit by the sun from an unusual ceiling. Toiletries from Clarence and soft bathrobes complete the experience. It is not surprising that the stars of the first magnitude love to stay in this hotel – it is almost impossible to imagine a better holiday.

The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel, China

Built in 1928, this hotel is the oldest in the city and one of the most luxurious, not least because of the stunning bathrooms. They are decorated with marble, equipped with Internet, telephone and TV, and also allow you to admire the impeccable view. At sunset, enjoying a bubble bath here will be especially pleasant – you can watch the movement of small ships in the bay in the privacy of your own room.

Burj Al Hotel. Arab, Dubai

This duplex room in one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai is equipped with gold players, private cinema, butler service and a menu with different pillows on the bed! From the room you will enjoy a wonderful view. In the bathroom with marble floors and stunning gold finishes, you can take a dip in a round tub surrounded by tall columns. Guests are offered to use toiletries from Erme, and here are not the usual small bottles, but full-sized products – for a special luxury.


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