This granny cleaned up 52 beaches within a year so as to “change the environment” in which her grandchildren will live

This praiseworthy 70-year-old woman cleaned up 52 beaches on her own in order to reduce to the global pollution

While in the US the main embarrassing symbol of the global pollution is the plastic bags, in Britain it is the plastic culm for soft drinks. This enthusiastic granny is already 70 years old and she is currently doing everything possible in order to do as many good things as possible until she leaves this world to her grandchildren.

When in 2017 the granny enthusiastically started her project the local residents laughed and mocked at the old woman’s intentions being sure she wouldn’t reach her goal. And when in 2018 the journalists came to take an interview from her the locals didn’t take her serious again. Believe it or not, this granny completely cleaned up entire beaches every week without others’ assistance and succeeded in cleaning up 52 beaches within 52 weeks.

The granny couldn’t stay indifferent towards the awful pollution which surrounded her and her family and was rather dangerous for their health. She determined to undertake something in order to change the current tragic situation and she definitely managed to do so. She decided to start her own project.

There were also some cases when the woman was obliged to clean up one and the same beach as it was already polluted again after all her efforts and diligent work. She announces all this is caused by human’s cruel activity and indifference towards the natural environment a piece of which they actually are. They don’t undertake anything nor do they appreciate the labor of others. Now more than 280 British and international organizations joined her project.

The caring granny lived a long time and managed to reach her goal to make the surrounding environment less harmful, dangerous and polluted.


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