The famous and praiseworthy poet Mark Twain was an extremely strange cat owner

Mark Twain was probably the weirdest cat owner who literally adored kittens

“If a person could be crossed with a cat, the person would only benefit from that. This can’t be said about the cat” The author of this is Mark Twain, the legendary poet. who is considered to be “the father of the American literature”. The poet preferred kittens rather than people, in fact.

Cats were always an inseparable part of the poet’s life. Furthermore, he used to have and take care of nearly 20 cats in his house. He has some similarities with Ernest Hemingway who also adored cats. He was also fond of giving them rather strange and unusual names, such as Bull, Buffalo, Satan, Sin, Epidemic, Bambino, etc.

The following scene from a book reveals the process of feeding a cat which is a scene from the story of real life of Mark Twain’s childhood. He created some fairy tales and fascinating stories for them as well to make them fall asleep.

In this old photographs Mark Twain is mostly with kittens, not with adult cats and there’s an explanation for this. He often travelled and, in order not to have problems, he almost always left his cats at home, and when he arrived he “hired” little kittens and sincerely loved petting and snuggling with them.

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