This retired man from Britain found an ancient 5000-year-old statuette inside his garage

The man found a figurine in his garage which the antiquarians estimated to be 5000 years old

Once, this man from Great Britain decided to clean up the mess in his garage. He was for several years already retired so he could find sufficient amount of free time to do so. And while sorting old items he accidentally came across a cute tiny thing which was a figurine with a shape of a dog and looked rather ancient.

The man got highly interested in his finding and rushed to show it to an antiquarian. He actually had no idea that the statuette is nearly 5000 years old. The antiquarian even needed help from the historians to estimate the actual age of this ancient thing.

As it was later found out it was an old Japanese jade jewel which was created over 5000 years ago and that was, surely, incredible and unimaginable.

It still remains obscure how this old figurine appeared in the retired man’s garage. The thing is that his father was born in India and used to work in trade. In 1960s he went travelling to the British Isles where he successfully founded his own business. He passed away eight years ago and didn’t even remember about the statuette which was now found by his son.

The figurine was pasted to auction and was sold at the price of 3 million pounds. Now the fortunate man has no need to worry about his senility and can totally forget about the financial problems.

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