The ingenious idea of this woman transforming the ancient tree into a real library came true

This creative woman made an amazing small library inside a 120-year-old tree

When this 120-year-old ancient cotton tree was to be cut down, this creative librarian and an enthusiastic person managed to transform it into an amazing small library and people can visit it whenever they wish. Now, instead of a shadow, the tree shares a large number of interesting books.

Stone stairs, a huge green door and a warm atmosphere inside make the ordinary place look magical and fabulous. Of course, even several people will not be able to enter the tree together as it is rather small and narrow. Yet it became a place of admiration as well as a tourist attraction among both the residents and the tourists. What is more, people passing by simply can’t stay indifferent and usually bring some books and leave them inside the tree.

This woman’s ingenious idea came into reality and the construction is now regarded as a miniscule library and stimulation that people should read more books than they do nowadays. Yet such kind of small libraries are quite common as there is currently a tendency to make such places to remind people about the significant importance of the books.

The girl is also planning on painting and decorating the library so it will gain a more attractive and eye-catching look.

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