The man kept digging the tunnel for 15 years and now that he was caught during the process they found out where the tunnel led to

The secret this man was keeping for 15 years was eventually revealed

During more than 15 years the man kept digging the tunnel each night and chose to do that while his wife was fast asleep. Yet, after a while, the wife suspected there was something wrong and was totally sure her husband was doing something secretly.

The hard work took a lot of physical power and efforts. And when everything was revealed the man confessed that he didn’t tell about what actually he was doing in order not to quit that. But, gradually, it took even more efforts and time for the man to hide his traces.

He kept digging the tunnel for over 15 years and the secret place led to a bar.

And once, when his wife didn’t take sleeping pills, she, waking up in the middle of the night, was astonished about what her husband was doing at that time of the day. The man was busy moving the furniture and he was obliged to tell her wife the truth.

He made the decision to dig a manhole.


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