An easy example for schoolchildren turned out to be difficult for hundreds of people all over the Internet, because everyone has their own answer

A seemingly difficult task. Let’s try to solve it

A photo appeared on the network where actor Taika Waititi tried to solve a seemingly simple example. A simple task has become unsolvable for Twitter users. Readers of the actor’s page tried to solve an example that is intended for schoolchildren.

The commentator posted a post with a photo of the problem and invited readers to solve it. The task was to add the numbers outside the brackets and subtract the numbers inside the brackets.

The example consisted of fairly simple numbers, but the difficulty lay in the order of operations: 2+5x(8–5).

This task has become unsolvable for many users.

“The most relevant answer was “21”.

Decisive primes first added the numbers before the brackets, then subtracted in brackets, and the results were multiplied.

“There were also many answers “17”.

The example was solved as follows: first, the numbers in brackets were subtracted, and then the numbers were multiplied and added. And the second group of users turned out to be right, the correct answer to the problem is “17”.

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