An ancient ship was found in the desert, which is more than 500 years old with a huge amount of treasures

The amazing place, where everyone should visit

There are truly unique places in the Atlantic. For example, an area where the air collides with the current, resulting in dense fog. It is difficult to see something in the distance here, and a powerful current and winds are dangerous for ships. Previously, not all ships managed to leave this place – they sank, and eventually ended up on land.

In Namibia, it is not difficult to find such sunken schooners that were washed ashore by the current. At the moment, this is a park area where people can view the remains of ships and enjoy the coast.

Vessels that once could not cope with bad weather are located on a large stretch of coast. Over the years, the metal parts have rusted, which gives their overall appearance a certain mystique. Every year, tourists flock to this place to see the past with their own eyes.

In one part of this park, visitors can walk without any restrictions. But the northern part can be dangerous for humans. There is a large influx of tourists here during the New Year holidays – in the park you can join excursions, go fishing, and stay in a small hotel room.

One of the ships that has become part of the park is a ship called the Bom Jesus. He disappeared in 1532. This exhibit was hidden by nature near the ship graveyard in a man-made lagoon.

However, it was impossible to see the ship – it was hidden under a layer of sand. This find was special – a lot of old coins and other valuables were found in the holds. The total amount of finds reached thirteen million dollars.

Treasures were found by people who mined diamonds. To date, this schooner is the oldest and most valuable among all the ships found.

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