A man kept a stone for 10 years, hoping that there would be gold, but now he found out that it costs many times more than any gold

The finding, that turned out to be very expensive

For ten years, an Australian farmer kept an ordinary stone, which seemed to him the most ordinary. Previously, he believed that it contained gold.

But one day a geologist looked at the guy, who was surprised by what he saw.

Once upon a time, an Australian named David Hall was looking for gold. His farms are located near Melbourne.

This place was visited in the 19th century, as gold was found on the territory. David decided that the boulder he found was not just a stone, but gold hidden under a mineral.

The find turned out to be so strong that the man could not destroy it. Even the most modern tools did not help him cope with the task.

When Hall realized that any attempt would not work, he simply put the stone on the shelf as a souvenir. Most likely, he would have continued to gather dust there until now, if not for his friend.

The stone stored on the shelf was nothing but a meteorite. As it turned out later, the price of such a find is much higher than that of gold.

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