A man wanders into an abandoned quarry and finds a hidden room that hasn’t been opened in 80 years

An interesting discovery. A teacher found a hidden room

A high school teacher was walking in the mountains and made an interesting discovery. He found an abandoned quarry.

The man went downstairs, examined the area and realised that once they wanted to disguise this place.

Only at the end of the stairs was the teacher able to understand what caused this. The quarry has been abandoned for more than eight decades and in those days they wanted to hide cars here.

Vincent Michel, who works as a physical education teacher in Belgium, has an interesting hobby – in his spare time he explores the mountains.

The teacher discovered a unique object by accident. Everything was covered with thickets, pushing them aside, he saw the entrance – the door was made of wood, and its qualities, due to time, left much to be desired.

“I opened the door and went down the stairs. Then I could only wonder. No human has set foot here, and the entire dungeon was filled with vehicles. It’s hard for me to imagine how all this is organised,” he said.

The find was investigated by scientists who made their assumptions. They believe that local residents hid their cars here before the start of the war.

Perhaps it comes from the thirties of the last century. This garage was gradually filled with cars, experts are sure.

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