This man found a chest in an abandoned house and when he opened it he knew there was now no need to work

The man was looking for an appropriate house to buy for him and his family. He was interested in abandoned and deprived buildings where no one actually lived for ages. After buying the house, the man started the renovating and restoring process in order to get a really desirable and contemporary place. And during the process, the builders and the owner got really astonished and excited discovering a secret chest.

They found a secret chest which was locked quite well.

When discovering the hidden chest, the builders informed the new owner about that who got extremely curious about what was inside. That was rather hard to carry so they were obliged to use cables and ropes.

With bare hands it was totally impossible to unlock it, thus they were to use some tools. And when they eventually succeeded in opening that, they found something shiny.

The chest was full of ingots. They later discovered the real silver was hidden in the chest. After the expertise, they announced the things inside cost over 20 million rubles and the mane proved to be the luckiest person in the whole world.

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