The woman bought a 150-year-old house, accidentally discovered a secret door and decided to know what was inside

Adele Smith purchased a private house which was designed and constructed back in 1874. As the house was rather traditional, ancient and partly deprived, the woman certainly knew it definitely needed to be renovated and reconstructed.

While removing the old and worn out paperhanging, Adele got absolutely shocked and confused discovering a secret door. It was rather hard and took numerous attempts and physical power to open the door, yet the woman managed to do so as the heavy door lock got rusty. When she eventually opened the door, there was a ladder.

The price of the old house was quite reasonable as the owners needed the money as soon as possible. What is more, they didn’t warn the woman about any secret doors, maybe because they themselves weren’t aware of them.

The lady wanted to start the process of renovating while her boyfriend was away at that moment. Removing the wallpaper seemed to be quite an easy task so she thought she would definitely manage to do that. And Adele was on the second floor where she accidentally discovered the secret door.

The woman couldn’t take the risk and refused to enter the room so she waited for her boyfriend to come back. As it was later found out, there was an attic inside and they planned on investigating what was inside later.

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