It is amazing to see how the kid, who has some health problems, shows his crutches to his lovely doggy

By shouting the doggy the child wants to show his crutches. It is so adorable!

Roman Dinkel, 2 years old baby, suffers a lot because of the illness he has. But he doesn’t lose his hope to become stronger and healthier.
His parents knew about the disease before the birth, but they persistently decided to have the baby unlike many parents who refused having their babies if they have health problems. They think that everyone has right to live and enjoy the life.
They share the life of the baby on their Facebook.

They show how the kid grows up, and a lot of followers are interested in his life. They like and support him.

Because of his illness, the poor baby has to walk with crutches, but surprisingly Roman likes his sticks a lot. He knows how to use them correctly.

His daddy posted a nice video how the strong baby shows his sticks to the doggy by calling him. How exciting scene!

His daddy told that the kid manages to walk with the sticks not only in the yard but also along the street and everywhere he wants without any help. How strong he is!

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