After so many years, this grown-up lioness instantly recognizes and warmly greets her savior who raised her from birth

This emotional scene reveals an adult lioness cuddling with the man who rescued her

In this incredible and exciting moment, this saved lioness shares the warmest hugs with the man due to whom she is still alive. Despite being such hazardous and immerse animals, the lions are also very gentle and friendly souls towards those who offered their precious help or even saved their lives. This emotional footage is not an exception. This massive lion and the man are lifelong companions since the huge wild animal was just a little cub. She was only 4 weeks old when the bighearted man adopted and helped her continue living. While literally starving, the wretched lioness’s life was literally on the line when a group of good-natured people found the pitiable beast and took her at one of the wildlife support centers in Botswana.

Once she started to live there, her condition started to gradually get better as she received special care and support from those gentle-hearted workers. And the founder of that rescue center, Tom. was ready to even sleep next to the lioness and take care of her until she got all her energy back and would be capable of living on her own in the wildness. And now, in many years, Tom wanted to visit her to check if she appeared to remember him or not and, surprisingly, the animal immediately recognized her savior and greeted him very warmly. The heartwarming scene was caught on camera.

All the workers recall that Tom literally raised the poor lioness virtually since she was born and their special bond and attachment is something out of this world.

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