The zookeepers were amazed witness this cat and an extinctive rhino warmly cuddling with each other

The heartwarming bond between this cat and a rare bleak rhino. This may sound something unimaginable to you!

When it concerned the interspecies relationships between animals, the nature never stops astonishing us, yet, this incredible footage revealing a sympathetic cat hugging a rhino may seem something unimaginable. But this story is surely real and the moment was successfully captured at one of the zoos in the Czech Republic.

The cats were initially brought with the main aim of keeping rats and mice away from the wild animals. And the zoo workers were definitely shocked witnessing a cat and a rare rhino cuddling with each other.

There is a stereotype that cats are often very selfish and unfriendly creatures, yet the story proves the opposite. The adorable moment immediately gained popularity and the bond between the cuties was adored by everyone. Yet this is far not the first time cats and rhinos are showing g a warm attitude towards each other. A similar situation happened at one of the orphanages where those sweetheart animals were literally life-long companions and faithful friends.

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