The owner, after finding with his missing parrot, finds out he now speaks Spanish

This interesting parrot will definitely make your day

Some parrots have the ability to talk brilliantly and this one will definitely amaze you. The amazing bird, that disappeared and had been missing for nearly four years, mercifully reunites with his owner. Yet there is an amazing fact: the parrot had got another accent. Before he flew away from home he spoke with a British accent, yet when he was eventually found, he, all of a sudden, appeared to speak Spanish!

The owner recalls how the bird spoke English very perfectly and now he asked “What happened”, but IN SPANISH!

The owner confessed he had no idea where his fascinating parrot had been dwelling all that time and said it was really strange to hear the bird speak Spanish as none of the family did. But the owner, in fact, is very happy to reunite with his bird regardless of his Spanish accent.

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