Such a Unique Grizzly Bear Who Adores His Rescuer Tickling Her Feet

This is the unique moment when a man tickles the feet of an orphaned grizzly little bear cub whom the man has rescued himself and after that they have made such true and best friends.

Casey Anderson is a National Geographic TV host, naturalist, filmmaker, and founder who told about  the grizzly furry cutie named Bella.

He has been spending a lot of time with the rescued cute furry creature and one most important thing that he has discovered is that the little bear cub likes to have her feet tickled.

Bella the cute bear was found alone in the Alaskan wilderness who was defenseless and alone, without her mother next to her who should have protected her and ir was clear that she needed to be rescued.

She was taken to the the sanctuary where she would be safe and would have been taken care for.  Anderson tried to create a connection with the incredible cutie.

And this video is a real proof of connection and trust between the furry creature and the kind and caring man. Bell is joyfully putting her mouth on Anderson’s hands and then Anderson seems to talk talk with the cutie like he would do with a real child.

Such great respect towards Casey Anderson and all the people from the Montana Grizzly Encounter. If you wish you can visit their website in order to make your own contribution.

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