An extraordinary event, Dolphin tight on fishing line requests diver for help

 The Dolphin asked help from a diver in Hawaii island, as it was tight on a fishing line. 

The awesome moment was caught on camera, and the diver, named Kelly Laros required 8 minutes to free the smart animal. 

Kelly was leading a diving experience, when he heard the squeals of the dolphin.  

He said: “The way he came to me and moved himself to me there wasn’t doubt, that it needed help”. 

He also said, that he saw the dolphin couldn’t move, as he was tight with a fishing line and a hook was caught in its fin. 

“I was trying to free it. I managed to get the fishing hook out of his mouth. But the line tight around his pectoral fin was so strong and also he had hurts both front and left”-said Laros. 

“I was anxious if I quickly pull it, it might hurt him more. I managed to cut the fishing hook and free it”. 

“Many times bottlenose dolphins came near us and I can say, that they are absolutely intelligent animals”. 

Watch the video: 

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