A tiny baby owl was running with its two legs and the amazing moment was captured by a photographer

An incredibly fascinating moment was successfully taken by a 63-year-old Dutch photographer, named Hennie Heere, clearly showing a little barn owl literally running as if being late for a very special event. The scene was so awesome and wonderful that the baby was admired by absolutely everyone. The successful photo immediately went viral on the Internet with thousands of views and reactions. The photographer proved to be totally experienced and professional one to capture such an interesting scene!

On that certain day, Heere decided to go to the countryside to seek for some breathtaking and unusual moments for taking pictures of them and thus making everyone adore the beauty and absolute perfection of the nature. Once he appeared outside the city, a little owl with fluffy feathers was accidentally spotted. The baby wasn’t able to fly yet its small legs surprisingly appeared to be strong and sturdy enough to let the owl run. And this cuteness was caught by the enthusiastic photographer.

The woman claimed she was laying on the grass and couldn’t even believe that her photo might turn to be a legendary and marvelous one as well as make everyone admire the degree of professionality of the photographer.

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