Terribly scary: why many cats are afraid of a vacuum cleaner

Every cat owner if familiar with the situation, when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the pet widens its eyes in fear and immediately disappears from sight.  

Some pets are so afraid of this big noisy “monster”, that they run away as soon as it appears on the horizon.  

Sometimes owners are amused by this behaviour of cats, but poor pets are not at all laughing. Why does an ordinary home vacuum cleaner scare our furry friends so much?  

The fact is that all cats really don’t like loud sounds, so they always avoid their sources. In addition, a huge noisy unit, randomly moving around the house, inspires fear in them.  

In such situations much depends on the owners. It is extremely wrong for someone, who deliberately brings the vacuum cleaner closer to the pet and watches his reaction. At this moment the unfortunate animal is experiencing terrible stress.  

Most cats, at the sight of a vacuum cleaner, run away to the nearest shelter, from where they watch the electronic “enemy” warily. Some gather courage and try to attack a soulless opponent, hissing and waving their paws.  

How to accustom a cat to a working vacuum cleaner, so that cleaning doesn’t turn into an act of sadism?  

First of all you don’t need to hide the vacuum cleaner. It is better to leave the device in a conspicuous place so that the pet can get used to its presence, study and sniff an unidentified object.  

Secondly, you don’t need to turn on the vacuum cleaner, if the cat is next to it. So that the sharp noise doesn’t frighten the animal, it is better to operate the device away from the pet.  

In order for the cat to inspire confidence in the vacuum cleaner, it is worth trying to place bowls of food and water next to it. Thanks to this truck, the four-legged family member will understand, that this terrible noisy car is not dangerous for him. 

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