A touching reunion after the family’s beloved dog was missing for two months
The sweet reaction of two small girls’ after hugging their dog once more When a little girl sees her missing dog after almost two months she breaks into
The small bedroom designed for the cat includes everything he needs and it looks amazing
What a wonderful bedroom! When the family brought this cute catty home from the shelter, he got used to his new environment at once and got along with
After adopting a one eyed cat the owner was concerned about her dog’s reaction
Sweet relationships between a big house dog and a newcomer  A woman named Fiona Gill came across Cherry’s photo on the Internet. After learning the poor one eyed
The sweet reaction of a dog to his owner coming back from work
Pets are always excited to meet their owners  Al dog owners would prove, that one of the best feelings is coming back from work to see your pet
The rescued dog is impatiently waiting for his owner and never loses hope of seeing him again  
Such an exciting story!  Once when a puppy was saved and brought to a shelter, the staff was sure that he wasn’t stray, because since the first day
This pretty cat has been awarded for having the most fans on Instagram. That’s great!
What a stunning cat! It isn’t a secret that nowadays animals can have more fans on social media than many famous people. Thanks to their owners’ great efforts,
Smart cats, who kept social distance during the outbreak
Stray cats, who were much more intelligent than many people Many people concern so much, that the pandemic is spreading very quickly. So many countries asked policies to
A very inquisitive raccoon, that became used to living with dogs
Sweet relationships between a raccoon and dogs A kind woman named Rosie saw a sweet baby raccoon in her yard last year. She wasn’t able to find her
Abandoned kittens know that they are safe and protected next to their new «mother»
What a wonderful attitude! Meet Bertie, a loving and caring dog, who was saved by a kind family and started a new carefree life with them. She knows
This adorable corgi makes everyone smile on the Internet and attracts the whole world with her beauty
A real star on social media! All puppies are cute and adorable, and they make everyone fall in love with them. Watch the wonderful photos of Baby and
Two animals living together, that became inseparable and cuddled all day long
Two animals immediately linked and played together  A male cat named Toddy resided with his owner named Liana.And recently she considered to adopt a dog named Abba.The cat
The family’s pets, who perfectly get along with one another
A sweet new family member, that immediately befriended everyone  When you see someone interesting, their imprint stays with you forever.The same is true with both the animals and
A kitty with an appearance giving the optical illusion, that she has two faces
A sweet kitty with a distinctive appearance  Commenting on someone’s appearance isn’t a perfect idea.But it seems, that everything is different when it comes to kitties, especially if
The world’s biggest feline weighing almost 28 pounds
An adorable kitty, that appeared to be distinctive from other species This cat is already weighing 28 pounds, although he’s just under two years old.Other felines of this
The nice trio of two dogs and a cat, that became popular on the Internet
Sweet relationships between dogs and a cat demonstrating they are not rivals These adorable retrievers names are Watty and Kikao. They have been friends for a long time,
The relationship between the catty and the caring doggy can be described by the word «love»
What an amazing friendship! If you doubt that dogs and cats can be good friends, this story is for you. Look at these cute photos of Gong, the
A unique cow, who befriended with 12 puppies
A cow, that considered herself a puppy The tiny cow is named Moola and resided with a rescue organisation. Moola is an extraordinary cow, because her best companions
The pretty cat, who was once stray and helpless, got a chance to live a full happy life
A big change in the cat’s life! When a resident in Krasnodar spotted a homeless cat near in her area, she tried to drive him away, but seeing
The policeman found two little squirrels and what he did for them completely changed their lives
Having such a loving rescuer is really wonderful! Some time ago, a policeman named Lee found two helpless squirrels on a road in Ithaca. The cuties were alone
A kind boy, who spent all his money on a poor dog’s care
A sweet rescue story of a leftover dog  A high school student crossed the train on his way when he saw a puppy.Although he had traveled before through
A sweet dog, who considered to spend all his free time with the abandoned kittens
A dog became a foster father for the kittens  A woman from Maryland went for a walk with her dog approximately three weeks ago.And it was a cloudy
A touching moment:the kind vet fall asleep with her beloved dog
The dog was saved from the fire and needed a long recovery  The sweet moment was captured when a kind vet smoothed the dog at the right time.A
Sweet kitties, that needed care and attention were taken to a loving home
Sociable kittens, who demonstrated themselves after getting used to their new home The sweet kittens required medical care and attention before it’s too late.The rescue organisation immediately responded
A monkey considered to comfort the parrot, who seemed to need assistance
Sweet relationships between a parrot and a monkey A caring monkey named Ebby considered to smooth the young parrot’s discomfort when it was brought to the “cat house”.Ebby
A woman took a cat in order to motivate people to adopt animals with special needs
Kind woman, who immediately fell in love with a strange kitten The woman immediately considered to take a kitten after hearing about 15 homeless kittens discovered on the
The family’s dog participated in a photoshoot for the Christmas postcards
Very amusing photos for the postcards, that made everyone happy Everyone has such a friend, who interrupts us on purpose or just by accident.And in this family this
The old man enjoys his life with a cute polar bear who has been his lifelong friend for 24 years
Swimming with a polar bear is really cool! Sam Duma is a 68 years old man, who became famous when his story was shared on social media. The
A beautiful cat, who became popular on the Internet thanks to his resemblance to a well known cartoon character
A sociable cat, who adores being around people The appearance of a cat made him a real superstar on the Internet. The cat looks just like the cartoon
Very curious dogs, who wanted to see what was happening across the street
A really interesting and original idea for the curious dogs Many people knew this man’s dogs.The man has five dogs. Neighbours often see the guy taking the dogs
The woman noticed a stray dog lying in the rain and performed a heroic act that remained unforgettable
This heroic action made the woman famous! While the woman thought that what she did remained unnoticeable, the camera captured the whole scene. Once, when a kindhearted woman