Rescue and Redemption: Abandoned Puppy Angelica Finds a New Beginning

The abandoned dog was a little frightened to trust people 🐶😢

An abandoned puppy named Angelica waited in a cemetery for many weeks in the hope of their taken care of. Her previous owner abandoned her there and she was left all alone. She needed to know how to live by herself, but soon she was saved.

One of the rescue group embers told, that one of the workers of the cemetery saw the puppy and immediately called for help. He told the rescuers, that Angelica was already there for a month.

At first, she was frightened and didn’t want to approach them and hid in the bushes. But over time she learned they are trustworthy people and wanted to help her. She was given food and began approaching them.

When one of the rescue workers approached her Angelica gave up. Angelica stayed in her car for almost seven minutes.

She was left alone and now she is already safe. Angelica was taken to the shelter.

She is in search of a permanent home and while she couldn’t find it she was taken care of in a foster home.

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