«No DNA test needed!» Jessica Alba makes appearance with her daughters and everyone is saying the same thing

On the set of «Fantastic Four» she met Cash Warren and chemistry happened between them! 🫠🔥 These two got married and welcomed children, 2️⃣ daughters and 1️⃣ son! 😻 The little girls have grown up and recently recreated their iconic mother’s images! 💘😉 See the article for more! 👇

The incredible love story of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren has long been the subject of admiration. They first crossed paths while filming «Fantastic Four» in 2004 and tied the knot in 2008. During their marriage, the spouses had 3 kids. The youngest one is their only son born in December 2017.

What beauties the two girls have become deserves our special attention.  Recently, they have made rare appearance on the Red Carpet and melted everyone’s hearts. They showed up at the Los Angeles screening of their mother’s new movie «Trigger Warning».

16-year-old Honor’s choice fell on a green gingham sleeveless dress with a deep neckline and puffed skirt. As perfect complements, she wore black closed toe heels and striking red lipstick. What concerns Haven, she gave her preference to a corseted mini dress which her mother previously wore while promoting «Good Luck Chuck».

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