«Charlie is not the same!» This is how Kelly McGillis has changed since the release of «Top Gun»

If you watched «Top Gun», you definitely remember Charlie who captivated millions with her blonde hair and beautiful features! 🎬😍 The actress who was lucky to star with Cruise was Kelly McGillis! 😉🙌 She has already celebrated her 6️⃣6️⃣h birthday, can you believe? 🫣😦Check out her recent photos in this article! 👇

It was back in 1986 that «Top Gun» starred by T. Cruise and K. McGillis graced our screens captivating millions of viewers around the Globe. Much attention was paid to the superb acting abilities and incredible beauty of the character Charlie who let no man remain indifferent.

Almost 4 decades have passed since the release of the hit movie and many have been wondering how the leading actors have changed since then. The way Kelly McGillis has evolved over the years deserves our attention. Once her new photos were shared, they instantly went viral.

As a reminder, she is also well-known for her roles such as Rachel Lapp in «Witness» for which she deservedly received nominations. Kelly is remarkable for her appearance in the horror movies «Stake Land», «We Are What We Are» and «The Innkeepers».

«Time is merciless», «She is approaching her 70. What were you expecting to see?», «Enough Internet for today», «Envy silently! No one is getting younger».

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