«Her dream was to become the heaviest woman on Earth!» This is what happened to the 680-lbs American woman

Can you recall the woman weighing 6️⃣8️⃣0️⃣ lbs who dreamt of becoming the heaviest one in the world? 🤔🧐 She consumed tones of high-calorie food and was eventually confined to bed! 😱😬What did her efforts lead to and how is she doing today? 😟🫢For more – see the article! 👇

Today’s article is about Monica Riley whose dream, believe it or not, was not traveling, a house by the sea or get married successfully, but to become the heaviest person on the planet. Surprising, right? She  pursued her goal and continously consumed tones of fat food.

Monica has been struggling with overweight since her early years. Not being able to pull herself together and lose weight, she decided to make her weak side into a strong one and take some benefit from her condition. Sid, her husband, played a supportive role in her journey.

At some point she no more could move without anyone’s help waiting impatiently for the next high-calorie meal. People all over the world advised her to stop that and start to watch her diet. They wanted to encourage her and warn about all the risks and potential health issues.

When she finally reached 400 kg milestone, Monica realized that soon she would be confined to bed which was «not in her plans». Despite other people’s warnings and disbelief, she embraced motherhood, even twice! She is now a mother which brings nothing but joy and happiness.

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