«The Afghan girl is already 50!» This is what happened to the girl whose photo became one of the era’s most iconic ones

Can you recall the girl from Afghanistan whose photo literally hit the network? 🤔😲The child who captivated the world with her striking green eyes has grown up! 🧐🤫 Sharbat has already turned 5️⃣0️⃣ and here is how she appears today!   Her new photos surface the network which you too can see in this article! 👇

Steve McCurry is a prominent and celebrated photojournalist who simply couldn’t stay indifferent and not to capture the girl whose eyes are regarded to be among the deepest, most striking and impressive ones in history. The legendary photo was taken in 1985. Meet Sharbat Gula.

After escaping from the violence in their village, Sharbat’s family found a refugee camp in Pakistan. The photos not only depicted a girl with beautiful eyes, but also had a symbol of war’s toll on refugees. It became one of the most iconic ones of the era.  It was in 2002 that she returned to Afghanistan due to the photographer’s efforts.

In 2012 she went through a challenging period when she had to say «goodbye» to her husband who, sadly, passed away. Her family kept facing even more difficulties and hardships since then. Following her partner’s passing, she resided undocumented in Pakistan until deportation.

Fortunately, the Afghan minister couldn’t remain indifferent towards her story and provided the family with housing in Kabul. His praiseworthy act earned everyone’s respect.  Many years have passed and Sharbat is already 50. However, her eyes have remained the same and they captivate millions even so many years later.

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