«The house of the future!» The owner opened the doors of her unique house and now everyone dreams of living there

After these photos you will leave an urban life behind and move to live in nature! 🏨➡️🏡 One woman showed what it looks like to live in a tiny house with a dog and became an Internet star! 😮🤩Tia showed the interior of her home the photos of which you can find in this article! 👇

One can come across an absolutely charming green-roofed house nestled on the outskirts of Sauvo, a quaint Finnish village. The unique house lets no passer-by stay indifferent and attracts even tourists. Its owner is a 30-year-old woman who shares it with her dog, Talka.

Tia decided to create life here not without a reason. Being unable to afford a home in Helsinki where she had rented for a decade, the woman had no choice but to find the solution in moving to the depths of nature and change her life to the roots.

She built her own house and at the end got a 18-square meter construction, a real haven of comfort and tranquility. Tia obtained all the materials from shops and workshops and, most importantly, believed in her idea of building her most desirable house in nature.

It stands on a platform and allows for mobility if needed. Now, she works at a kindergarten and has no regrets about moving into the country. Among the unique elements of the interior is her father’s ancient record player which makes the atmosphere even more special.

The woman’s incredible story gained popularity and she even appeared in the newspapers as the owner of the house of the future. She values simplicity and encourages everyone to pursue their dreams and not to ever give up on hoping for a better life.


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