«Not a woman, but a heroine!» One mother showed what the life as a parent of 11 looks like and let no one remain indifferent

«I am a mom of 1️⃣1️⃣ kids and I have no plans to stop!» 💬Let’s take a closer look into this heroic woman’s life as a mother of many kids! 🧐😮 How does she manage everything and what does her daily life look like? 🤔 For more – see the article! 👇

Today’s article is about Courtney Rogers, a 36-year-old woman, who has happily been married for 13 years and shares, believe it or not, 11 children with her partner. The non-standard spouses have six sons and five daughters and the youngest one is still 6 months old.

The family spends around 1300 dollars monthly for expenses. They opt for sales when shopping for clothes and mostly prefer homemade meals over eating out. Their children don’t attend school. Instead, they receive education at home which is quite convenient for them.

Before, the mother-heroine was concerned about whether she would manage to give adequate attention to all of her kids. Now, she always spends her time with them and emphasizes the importance of being a united and harmonious family.

Surprisingly enough, Courtney and her husband have no plans to stop there and want to have even more kids. They are always ready to extent their wonderful family and inspire others too.

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