«Not a house, but a museum!» One elderly woman welcomed us to her old home and blew up the network

This is what a simple life in London looks like! 🧐😯As a 7️⃣3️⃣-year-old single woman, I organized a little tour into my home and everyone’s jaw dropped when they saw the interior! 🤯😵‍💫See the exclusive photos of this «museum-like» place in this article! 👇

Today’s article is about Heidi, a woman of high intellect, unique charm and enthusiasm, who has recently opened the doors of her residence in London and left the viewers speechless. Both its location and luxury furnishings will leave none of you indifferent.

Our heroine moved into this unique house in 2019. The 73-year-old American-born woman spent most of her life here, in the UK, and has no regrets. It was after the passing of her husband that she decided to move in here and now let’s take a closer look into this place!

She has transformed the house in the way that it now reflects her style, essence and inner world.  Here, one can find sculptures from her early years, paintings left from her parents as well as a spacious library, probably the most interesting part in the whole house.

It has been designed with vintage accents including a 18-centruy wooden dresser. Heidi’s absolutely unique house piques everyone’s interest and has quickly made her an Internet star whom millions sincerely admire and even want to imitate.

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