Man took the renovation into his own hands and transformed the miserable balcony into an amazing place

The owner took the risk and changed the balcony beyond recognition! 😲👏 He showed that renovation with one’s own hands was not only possible, but also provided with desirable results which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

If there is a wish, enough patience and creative-mindedness, everyone can easily do renovation and achieve desirable results. Today’s interesting article is about one ordinary resident who could change not only the loggia, but also the whole house.

The first results were seen quite soon and it motivated the owner to continue the transformation. He planned not only to renovate the territory, but also make the warm floor. As he mentions, the hardest part in everything is the very beginning.

He built a wooden frame and put insulation between the beams. In order to insulate the balcony as much as possible, layers of foil material were laid on top,

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