«Banderas, you had better not look at this!» New scandalous photos of Melanie Griffith are making headlines

This is what multiple cosmetic surgeries can do to a beautiful woman! 😱😬Cameras captured Griffith after countless beauty procedures and blew up the network with the photos which you can see in this article! 👇👇👇

The fans faced difficulties to recognize their favorite celebrity in the recent paparazzi snapshots. Here, we can see 66-year-old M. Griffith who left all her fans and admirers speechless with her radically changed appearance.

Some even found it appropriate to mention that Banderas would be horrified to see his ex-wife now. After these scandalous photos, the network users left numerous comments judging and criticizing her new look which left a lot to be desired.

A number of netizens called her «a mummy», «an attention seeker» and «more like an alien than a human» claiming that she herself took her charm and chose the wrong path thus disappointing her supporters.

«What happened to the forever beauty icon?», «I can hardly recognize Griffith here», «Why spoil such beauty?», «This is why cosmetic surgeries should be banned!».

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