«To have a body like this at 53? No way!»: The iconic 1990s’ runway star made a stunning comeback

Claudia Schiffer is back and ready to conquer the catwalk after 5 years of absence! 😲🤭 All eyes were on the 1990s’ legendary supermodel! 🫣💘

This iconic supermodel hasn’t appeared on the runway for a relatively long time. And imagine the surprise of her fans when their idol made a stunning comeback after so many years. No one could take their eyes off this iconic model.

The legendary star gave her preference to a tight-fitting dress and elegant heels. She delighted everyone with her timeless beauty. People around could hardly believe their eyes since it seemed as if her appearance has remained unchanged.

The admirers of the former supermodel showered her with a lot of compliments praising her ageless beauty and unfading charm. They were indescribably glad that the supermodel has come back and is ready to conquer the catwalk again.

«How is this even possible to have a body like this at 53?», «If ageing, then only in this way!», «She again proved that she has no equals in the industry», «I will never stop admiring her», «Not a woman, but a dream!».

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