«Depression again?»: The new scandalous photos of Angelina Jolie saddened the fans of the actress

This is what depression has done to beautiful Jolie! 😱😬 The Hollywood actress lost weight again and raised questions! 😲🫢

The life and appearance of this world-renowned, successful and desirable Hollywood actress have never stopped being the center of public attention. Paparazzi and journalists miss no chance to film the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star.

The most recent paparazzi photos quickly made a splash on social media. The fans started to worry about their favorite star’s both physical and mental health. To them, she looked even less than 45 kg. Some suppose that she is depressed again.

A number of network users are more than sure that the hurtful divorce from Pitt made beautiful Jolie totally unrecognizable. Neither fans nor haters remained indifferent.

«This is what the hurtful divorce has done to our Angelina!», «What happened to her again?», «Someone please tell her to eat more, otherwise she will need to see a doctor», «Nothing is left from the former angelic beauty!».

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