«Did she get fat again?»: The rare public appearance of noticeably changed Adele resulted in mixed reactions

The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Adele in these photos! 🧐🤯The unsuccessful dress the singer chose made her look even heavier! 😱🫣

After her incredible transformation, this legendary, talented and outstanding performer’s life and appearance piqued people’s interest even more. She managed to lose over 40 kilos and has changed beyond recognition.

The iconic singer has taken a career break and hasn’t appeared on stage for already three years. The reason of which is her hurtful breakup with his already ex-husband as well as the father of her child Simon Konecki.

After their scandalous separation, the pop singer has transformed a great deal, yet she still can’t talk about her ex-husband without tears

At the beginning of her self-discovery journey, she lost too much weight and was called «skin and bones». Whereas paparazzi have recently revealed that the performer seemed much heavier than she did several months ago.

The elegant dress she gave her preference to emphasized her big hips and large waist becoming the subject of discussions. Some of the fans even mentioned that she has considerably gained weight and didn’t look as attractive as before.

The admirers and supporters of the iconic singer were quick to protect and stand up for her in the comments explaining that she is stunning in any form and shape.


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