«An exact copy of his iconic father!»: This is what the son of «The Fifth Element» star Tucker looks like now

The star of «The Fifth Element» showed his grown-up son and surprised the fans😱💥

Everyone definitely knows Ch. Tucker, one of the stars of «The Fifth Element». However, only few have seen the prominent actor’s son named Destin who, according to a great number of people, is the exact copy of his father.

The boy has already grown up and is often spotted with his famous father at movie premieres or basketball games. Towards his handsome and appealing appearance, no single one can stay indifferent.

To say that the boy looks incredibly like his father is actually nothing to say. Unlike his dressing in the movie, the notable actor prefers a more modern and, sometimes, laid-back style.

Destin’s mother is A. Pryor and his parents are, unfortunately, divorced. Some even notice that the guy copies his dad’s style.

Millions admire their special bond. They serve as a prime example of a caring father and a dedicated son.


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